Meet Your Hosts

Your Campalfi hosts who live on sight most of the time can give you useful tips on what to do/see next and help with any questions or queries.


Reiner is German by birth but left his native country in 1983 and came to Siena where he became a restaurateur.

The restaurant was a huge success and, in time, laid the foundation for Podere Campalfi.

The story of Reiner’s involvement with Campalfi began with the summer swims he used to take with friends in the river next to the farmstead. At that time, it was all in ruins, and had been abandoned for many years. One day, Reiner decided that he would buy the place and transform it into an ‘agriturismo’ holiday center. Reconstruction commenced in 1994 and the first visitors arrived in 1996.

Josef and Corinna

Corinna is a graphic designer by trade and following her study years in America and travels throughout Australia and Asia opted to return to Europe to embark on a new adventure in the hills of Tuscany. 

Josef (the son of Reiner) did a masters in Archaeology and Ancient history before eventually returning to his childhood home Campalfi to continue his fathers work together with his partner. 

Corinna and Josef will see that Campalfi continues to run in the far future and provide lovely hospitality for its esteemed guests.